Mercedes amplifier bypass

Forums Announcements What's New? Meet the myMBonline. OR Remember Me? OldPM Thread Starter. Aftermarket stereo and bose system help! I have a c Sedan with Bose speakers and just got an aftermarket stereo system; how do I change around the wiring so that I can hook up the speakers to the new system? Do I have to rewire the speakers completely?

Elitejt is offline. Remove Advertisements. Mercedes Benz Forum. OldPM. You currently have 0 posts. Ya, but I'd still have to wire those speakers to the amp which the bose speakers are digital from what i know of and not analog? Blue Dameon Not sure if I can help but I have the Harmon Kardon in the C55 and changed out all my audio to aftermarket stuff.

What I did was remove the main deck, the main speakers doors, tweeters, subwoofer and the factory amp. This was a BIG pain in the ass but now I have everything perfect. When I removed the stock amp, I found what wires went to what speakers in the car now since I kept the original dash speaker and the original back deck speakers those were the only ones I needed.

I can help you find what wires are what if you need. I spliced those wires from the wire harness in the trunk and ran them into a 4 channel amp.

Mercedes Bose Sound System for the W163 ML

I ran the 4 door speakers and the tweeters into another 4 channel and finally the subwoofer into a Mono block amp. Of course I had to rewire the whole car but now I have the open options to do what I want with no problems. None of the above did anything to the computer meaning I have no error codes. This is just my 2cents, hope it helps. To view links or images in signatures your post count must be 10 or greater.

I use my Cojones". Blue Dameon 33 is offline. OldAM. OldAM Thread Starter. Yes but that above doesn't help me. I don't want new speakers.Does not accept tape or does not eject.

mercedes amplifier bypass

No audio or no audio on tape, display E 2 error. Also Tuner Box and Bose amplifier. Tuner box Mercedes Benz distorted output, poor reception, E 2 error. Also Bose amplifier for bench testing. Tuner Box. W, C - 7 channel amplifier with 11 speakers. Two separate two channel amplifier system.

Poor solder internall to amplifier at relay and main connector, also check fuses. Speakers loud pop, snap, no output, and others. Broken buttons. Defective capacitors output stage. Also see Bose Amplifier. Black or darkened display, part no longer available.

Distorted or no output, one or more channels, and other problems. Water damage to main and rear side pcbs. Water damage. S Class, check your trunk for water now! Stereo powers on, no audio, See Troubleshooting No Audio.

We have seen these amplifiers have water damage. NO longer repair Mercedes car stereo.Overengineering at its best with the smoothest V12 ever up front. The SL is an amazing piece of equipment. When launched init was Mercedes-Benz's flagship just like the was three decades earlier. Instead of the 7. It's an engine you don't really have to rev above 2, rpm but even if you do, a coin will still stand on its edge on top of it thanks to how smooth it is after covering more thanmiles.

Everything is electric on an SL, even things that shouldn't be like the rear-view mirror. You could also do without the extra LEDs on the trunk telling you when it's opened, since you just pressed the button and are clearly aware that it's open. All the gadgets Mercedes had in '93 had to be fitted in this car, and the remarkable thing is that if you find a well kept example, everything will work too after 21 years of cruising on the road. The A. Shop Subscribe.

Read on. Subscribe To Our Newsletter. Beep beep, it's newsletter time. Drop your email here and get our stories in your inbox. Filed to: Mercedes-Benz SL. Share This Story. Get our newsletter Subscribe.Factory Car Stereo Repair, Inc.

mercedes amplifier bypass

Home page Car Stereo Help. The main components may be the car stereo, amplifier, CD changer, telephone and the Tel-aid. The features of your vehicle determines which pieces are involved with the fiber optics. The fiber optics loops all the components together. Similar to the old fashion Christmas Tree light, all in series.

If one bulb of the loop is defective, this causes the entire string to go dead. With the fiber optic loop, one component goes bad, you have no audio. The fiber optic cable looks like two orange wires that connect to each piece of equipment in the loop. Do not bend, crimp or cut the fiber optic cable. Mercedes Benz Fiber Optic Bypass Coupler Part Number Available from the dealership Part needed for troubleshooting Our example for troubleshooting will be for the E Read through instructions before attempting to troubleshoot.

Except the stereo. We have found no particular pattern for which equipment is next in the fiber optic loop. Begin troubleshooting with any one of the other components in the fiber optic loop. In this troubleshooting, we started with the CD changer. Locate the fiber optic cable. The red side should blink, usually three times. In this case, the red side blinked. Continue with instructions. If the red light did not blink, see step There are several different fiber optic coupler connectors.

The connectors are "Keyed", one edge is angled. Note what side of the connector is red and white. Red receives the fiber optic signal from the previous component in the loop. White sends the signal to the next component in the loop. Place fiber optic ends into coupler push tabs down to lock cables into coupler. Turn your car stereo on, do you have audio? The component you have bypassed, the CD changer is bad.

Still no audio, remove fiber optic coupler, place back into original connector and connect back to CD changer. On the E, the telephone was next in line. The component you have bypassed is bad.

Follow white side of fiber optic cable to next component and repeat.Posted on August 28, On some of the Mercedes-Benz W models, which has the original GPS navigation or the original head unit cables look like the below pictures.

You will require the bypass extension cable to connect the power cable from our aftermarket car stereo to your car. After removing your original radio, you will find two cable harness like the above picture shows in the red circle. You won't be doing anything with these cables so please leave them alone. You will just need to connect the bypass power cable from us to your new head unit. There are three connector from one side of the extension cable.

We have numbered them in order to make the connection easy to follow. So here is the cable:. You are probably wondering where these three plugs go to? Normally if your car is a right hand drive, you can find the original head units control box under the left truck, please refer to the picture below. If you have a left hand drive car has the unit under the right truck. So that is where all the plugs go to.

The other end of the cable will run up the vehicle to be placed behind the new stereo to be plugged in. If this is the situation, then a further adaptor will be required. Please enquire and show us the fibre optic connection so we can advise. Copyright Audio Tech Direct.

Site Information. Please wait Sign in or Create an account. Sales Hotline Mon-Thurs 10am-4pm Fri 10am-2pm. Categories Head Units. So here is the cable: You are probably wondering where these three plugs go to? The NO. Connect With US.First, let me say this is NOT applicable to all E30s.

IF you have a fader in the dash, this MAY work: you need to unwrap about 8" of fader harness to see if you have 4 pairs of speaker wires, as some cars have only 6 wires, not 4 pairs 8 total so if this chart does not apply PERFECTLY to your car, don't use it.

Quick disclaimer: this is not idiot proof. You mess it up, don't whine at me, I do not care. If this saves you countless hours of hassle or you are just feeling generous, feel free to paypal me a tip.

Add " gmail. Obviously, what you do here is simple: connect the "deck" wire to the "dash" wire, then back at the trunk, connect that "dash" wire to the "speaker" wire. My reasoning is simple: no one who uses a diagram like this even knows who Bruce Brisson or Noel Lee are, much less Ray Kimber who sells wire that ISN'T snake oil so the quality of the wire you are gonna get at Monoprice or Home Depot or get X screwed on at your local car stereo whore shop is WAY worse than what is already in your car: twisted pair, high copper content, generally excellent condition, neatly ran, no noise, etc Another advantage is that should you decide to add am amplifier to your system, you can simply connect in the trunk.

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mercedes amplifier bypass

OK, here is the info. This is not rocket surgery, boys. Get it done.

mercedes amplifier bypass

Guys, again: please use the stock wire wherever possible. Join the Community Today! Register Here.If you have a factory upgraded sound system in your Mercedes-Benz such as Harman-Kardon or BOSE then you will have a fiber-optic amplifier in your vehicle.

Direct Fit LMBENZ-6M Mercedes 6m Extension Fibre Optic Bypass

Our head units can still be installed but you will need this amplifier bypass extension wiring loom. The majority of cables such as speaker wires, power wires and the radio antenna are found in the rear of the car at the original amplifier.

This means that to integrate a new after-market head unit with your Mercedes you must run this kit to connect the speaker outputs directly to the speaker wire harness in the trunk, bypassing the OEM fiber optic amp.

This works fine with the base stereo system as it only has 4 channels. Using the fiber optic bypass cables allows you to connect the sound output from the radio to the front left, front right, rear left, and rear right channels. The upgraded audio options in these cars however have many more channels and if you want to use all of them it will require the installation of our of a Fiber Optic Interface.

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